High Efficiency Modular Clean Room With FFU Or Ventilation System

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Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Combined AHU is sent in parts and assembled on-site. It’s easily delivered. Its outer cabinet use color steel panel and inner sandwich is flame-retardant polystyrene board. It has advantages as anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It has excellent heat insulation. It achieves requirements like energy-saving, efficiency, sealing, beautifulness, light weight.

Battery uses copper pipe and mechanical expansion tube. It has high heat exchange efficiency and low resistance. It’s equipped with new type KKF air conditioner fan, to have high efficiency and low noise. Air pressure is stable and rated air volumes have several types from 10,000-80,000 m³/h. Each air volume is equipped with a variety of functions according to needs.

Zkw Series Modular AHU

Zkw series modular AHU is developed based on our company’s professional experience. We draw on the advantages of similar units at home and abroad, and absorb advanced technology and production technology to develop it. The unit can cool, dry, heat, humidify, filtrate, purify air, and it has a muffler function. It can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, gymnasium and other places needed to focus on air handling situation, hospital operating room, pharmaceutical, cigarettes, food, precision instruments and other clean air-conditioning occasions.

Zkw series combined AHU has two types, common unit and purification unit. Air volume treatment is 2,000 ~ 200,000 m3/h. Our company is one of the members to set up national standards of "combined AHU unit". The properties (cooling capacity, warm capacity, noise, sealing performance) of unit provided by us have reached the domestic high-end level.

Zkw Series Combined AHU Characteristics

1. Unique Design

Mixing section, filter section, battery section, heating section, humidification section, anechoic section, fan section and other functional sections are manufactured and assembled according to different requirements. It reached demands from general comfort air conditioning to  hospital operating room and integrated circuit clean room that have strict demands. The height and width of the unit can be flexibly selected to meet the needs of the unit. It can be sent in parts and assembled on-site.

2. Reasonable Framework

It has good frame structure and it is a durable product. It has good heat insulation function. It uses reinforced aluminum alloy frame structure and connects parts by high-strength joint pieces. It has support in the middle to make it have even force, to ensure that the unit is not deformed under high pressure. The cabinet ha double-side panel structure. Inner side is galvanized steel plate, outer side is color steel plate. It uses 50 mm PU in the middle as heat insulation material, with low thermal conductivity and good waterproof insulation effect. At the same time, it has strengthened structure inside, to make the unit stronger and more durable. Aluminum alloy panel and frame have thermal isolation protection. It completely eliminates cold bridge. Air leakage rate is small, with good sealing. The overall structure is unique, rigid. It has light weight and it’s easily disassembled.

3. Performance Assurance and Excellent Quality

Coil (battery and heater) is designed according to US air conditioning and refrigeration association specification. It uses imported copper string aluminum heat exchanger production line. Coil has high heat exchange efficiency, low wind resistance and water resistance. We also provide steel pipe, steel and aluminum (copper and aluminum) composite pipe for you to choose.

We use domestic advanced kf series central air-conditioning centrifugal fan. It has high efficiency, low noise, wide pressure range.

We select high-efficiency motor. It is installed in the fan section. It isolates dust in the air, to ensure it works in clean air with low temperature. It effectively reduces the motor power consumption and extends the motor life.

It can be equipped with dry steam humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier, wet film humidifier. It has good humidification and energy saving efficiency.

4. Run Quietly and Anti-shock

Fan and motor are installed on the spring damping seat. Fan and outlet are connected with the soft joint, so that the vibration of the motor, fan and other parts are effectively separated to eliminate the vibration transmission.

Fan shaft works close with impeller. All impellers are through static and dynamic balance correction, and run smoothly.

5. Easy Maintenance

The unit is equipped with specially designed access door, easy for maintenance.

Condensate pan has anti-rust treatment.

The cabinet is removable and all parts can be removed for repair. It does not damage the firmness of the cabinet.

Purification Tempered Glass Window

Purification tempered glass window is used for different cleanliness level clean rooms. It is sealed in both sides. It has heat insulation and sound insulation. Material is tempered glass.

Clean Room Ventilation System

Clean room is mainly used for production or storage of products. Ventilation mainly refers to use mechanical equipment, to take away waste heat that affects human health, excessive heat, dirty gases and harmful gases produced by production machines. It let outside air to flow inside and make plant have enough fresh air, enhance inner plant environment situation and air quality. Ventilation can effectively solve plant air quality issue, improve body comfort and production efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Clean Room with FFU Module 

FFU has advantages like long working hours, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, adjustable speed, uniform wind speed, easy installation.

FFU can be modular connection, making it widely use in clean room, clean operation table, dust-free production lines, modular clean room and partial Class 100 room. FFU has pre-filter and HEPA filter. The fan sucks air from the top of FFU. Air passes through pre-filter and HEPA filter.and filters. Clean air is delivered at a constant speed of 0.45M / S ± 20% over the entire air surface. FFU provides high quality clean air for clean rooms with different sizes, different cleanliness levels, micro environments. In the new clean room, clean plant renovation, it can be used to not only improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, but also greatly reduce the cost. It is easy installation and maintenance. It is the ideal part for clean environment.